Check Valves

  • 2" – 30" Horizontal Swing Check Valve

    2" – 30" Horizontal Swing Check Valve

    AWWA C508 was developed in 1976 to set a standard for the manufacture, testing and application of the Iron Body Bronze Mounted Check Valves. The valves are designed with an iron body and include either metal to metal or composition to metal seating.

  • Increasing Check Valve

    Increasing Check Valve

    The increasing check valve is available for customers needing an arrangement that requires a transition from a smaller diameter pipe to a larger diameter pipe.

  • Cushion Check Valve

    Cushion Check Valve

    The cushion check valves is available for customers needing an arrangement that retards the closing of  a check valve potentially due to the water column having the opportunity to reverse or even separate due to not being at the lowest elevation of the system. The pneumatic cylinder has a needle valve that allows the customer to adjust the time required for the valve to close.

  • Kenflex Check Valve

    Kenflex Check Valve

    The Ken-Flex Resilient Hinged Check Valve eliminates most problems associated with swing check valves. Due to its simplicity, it is ideal for “dirty water” applications.

  • Patriot Hydrant Check Valve

    Patriot Hydrant Check Valve

    The Patriot Check Valve prevents reverse flow through the fire hydrant, safely protecting our drinking water while providing a full port unobstructed waterway that allows our firefighters the water they need when they need it.